Let's Talk Consent


Let's Talk Consent

The goal of this project was to address the seemingly complex issue of sexual assault. While there is a fair amount of data related to sexual assaults in Canada, my challenge was finding an appropriate advocate for which to package this information in the hopes of inspiring change.

After delving through the topics of rape culture, sexual assault myths, misogyny in prosecution and gang-rapes on college campuses I decided to narrow my focus on one topic that overlaps every sexual assault scenario in Canada: consent.

This piece is a 18x28 double-sided printed informative pamphlet that unfolds into an accompanying poster.



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 In every sexual assault claim in Canada, there is a lack of understanding or misunderstanding of what consent means in regard to sexual activity. The goal of this project was to eliminate the grey area of consent and solidify the concept: consent is black and white.

The pamphlet outlines the definitions of both sexual assault and consent in depth, and provides the information required for readers to determine whether or not a situation is considered sexual assault.