Randy Magazine

Randy magazine is a publication that promotes the sexuality and sexual desires of people of all ages, genders and sexual orientations. Sex is an important part of the human sensory experience. Erotica is different than porn: erotica is about the sexual experience while pornography is about the exploitation of the human body. Erotica allows the reader to get to know the story behind the sexual encounters, experience the emotions of the characters—and while pornography provides a visual, erotica allows the viewer to envision their own: themselves, perhaps. Erotica is delicate yet empowering. These stories are about lust, passion, ecstasy and the primal nature of sexual fulfillment. While Randy aims to be obviously sexy in visual quality, the lack of human flesh allows the reader to enjoy erotica in any public space they choose. 



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A collection of short erotic stories is what provides content to this publication. These tales vary in terms of character, theme and sexual orientation. There truly is something for everyone between the covers of Randy. Printed at 7.5" x 10" on high quality stock with fifth-colour fluorescent inks and perfect-bound, this magazine is meant to be displayed. It is not to be  stuffed within a bag for fear of being 'found out'. Randy is bold, Randy is proud, Randy is erotica.


Food Porn

Food and sex are necessities of human existence. They are the two essential needs for survival. They are also both forms of immense pleasure, intimacy and fulfillment. Sex and food are considered decadences, things that we indulge in. We fight to hide our urges and attempt to curb our cravings. But why is this? If they are both needed for survival, shouldn’t we indulge as we see fit?

Food porn is the twenty-first century glamorized visual presentation of food in media publications. Food porn is the new way of glorifying the decadence of indulgence. The inherent provocative nature of food is obvious if only through our desire to experience it with all senses: to consume it, to taste it, to see it, to smell it, to feel it. Explicit sexual desires can be illustrated through food in abstract ways and these images can illicit a sexual response, especially when paired with raunchy written content. This issue aims to exploit this relationship between sex and food. 




No longer will sexual fantasies hide in closets.

Gone are the days of crumpled paper-back novels hidden between mattresses.

Someone peeks over your shoulder?

Go ahead, let them look — and I hope they enjoy Randy just as much as you do.