What Next?


What Next?

This self-proposed, self-directed photography project symbolized the end of an era. I was graduating high school, and so were 120 of my peers. We were leaving a small town of 75 000 people, and moving cross-country, to new countries, to different cities, all in pursuit of exciting new goals. I wanted to document this moment in time as a snapshot.

The idea behind the project was a play on the childhood game, "when I grow up I want to be...". When you are a child, you dream of drifting through outer space, piloting jumbo jets, wrestling with tigers, or becoming the next President (even though Canada doesn't have a president). We dreamed of being doctors and lawyers, actors and actresses, princesses and knights in shining armour. Where did that sense of imagination and wonder go?

I present to you, the Newmarket High School graduating class of 2012. Armed with nothing but a chalkboard, my peers showed me that we can still dream big (though more realistically) and be fearless in the pursuit of our goals.



Concept creation & Development

Art Direction